Thursday, November 8, 2007


We apologize for the delay in publishing. We are trying to stay on a schedule, but the post office is screwing us up. We have not been able to obtain a p.o. box at our local post office yet, due to the absence of an SS-4 form, which we are not going to fill out. The form is unnecessary because we don't need a business license to be a sole proprietorship. So we have had to go through all kinds of hoops to get the p.o. box, and it has been almost a two-month process now, since the company moved to Boston in mid-September. We are awaiting some sort of formal letter from the post office stating that we can have a p.o. box, and it seems to be taking forever.

We have three books lined up to be printed that were due out on November 1st: Confessions of a White Hat by Ed Galing, a book about Ed's days in the Navy in the late 50's/early 60's; Poiesis Number One by various artists, a collection of poetry by different poets; and an alien here by leah angstman, a collection of poetry that is book one in our Pocket Protectors series. These books are finished, but they will not be printed until we have a p.o. box address to include with them. We apologize for the delay. Trust me, it's more annoying to us than it is to you. At this point in time, we are still planning on having the December releases out on schedule, but that might change if this drags out any further. We will keep you updated.