Thursday, January 31, 2008


Unless you take action now, funding for the arts in King County (Seattle area) is about to be cut from $35 Million per year to less than $2 Million per year.

Let's face it, you get a lot of calls and emails to get up and do something about the arts: if you choose one thing to do this decade, act on this!

The issue is this: King County's Lodging Tax has supported the arts for the last 18 years through providing granting, education, advocacy, and support. If we don't step up to the plate, this money will be GONE forever.

What sucks more than losing $32 Million dollars for the arts in King County? Losing it to the Sonics. That's right. The folks trying to keep the Sonics are petitioning Olympia to take the hotel and lodging tax, which has traditionally gone to the arts, and switch it over to the Sonics.

This is horrible news. 4Culture will take the brunt of this hit. 4Culture supports all of the artists in King County. They are an amazing arts advocacy group for the county which will be almost destroyed if this cut goes through. That means Seattle, Burien, Kirkland, Bellevue, Federal Way.... all of King County.

This proposal is going to vote THIS week in Olympia. Please read the info below and do what you can to help.

And I believe our own Randy Engstrom is testifying, which should be rad, to say the least.

Please help with this. It will hit all of us very directly if we lose.

Read more, sign it, blog it, scream about it. Save the fucking arts, people. Everything still good about our world is dying right now.