Tuesday, January 22, 2008


"The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people."
-Woodrow Wilson

We are not here to tell you for whom to vote, although we will tell you to make sure you do it. Now more than ever, we need change. The artists we have on this site are from all walks of life, some Democrats, some Republicans, some Green, some Red, some Independent, some Libertarian, some very, very undecided, and everything else in between. That is obvious, and we won't inundate you with paraphernalia about what is right and what is wrong, because that is grey area.

What we will do, however, is show you the facts so you can decide. We will show you when something is shady and let you see it for yourself. I will come out right now and say that everyone here at the Alternating Current headquarters is a Barack Obama supporter, and any one of us could give you a plethora of reasons, if you are undecided or if you just want to know why we support him. We are campaigning for him, and we are standing behind him 100% as a candidate with integrity, direction, and genuine honesty. We will probably post Barack-positive messages here, and you are welcome to embrace them or disregard them at your free will; but since this is our blog and our voice, we will say what we feel needs to happen for the betterment of this country, the economy, the kids younger than I going off to fight and die for no cause other than personal vendetta, health care, the arts, the nation's morale, the list goes on.

Beginning here, with this first bit of news that angers me tremendously, about the cheating tactics used by Hillary's campaign, clearly a conspiracy from the top tier on down, at the Nevada caucuses this past weekend. Please take a moment to read about real people's real experiences in the unjust system with no checks and balances, no punishment for ill-doing, no recount, and no slaps on the wrist. And I must ask Hillary supporters: is this who you want to run our country, someone who would stoop to this level for power?

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Please demand and support honesty and integrity among your Presidential candidates!