Wednesday, February 20, 2008


As a woman, I can say that, NO, not every woman wants Hillary Clinton in office just because she is a woman. We at Alternating Current are all voting for Barack Obama and endorse him firmly, and the majority of us here are women. So, ladies, now is the time to stand up for REAL women's rights, which is the ability to say that putting a woman in office is not going to turn any tides for women. I am not a feminist; I believe in equality for both sexes, and I think our time is not "coming," but that it is already here. Look around you, and be proud to take a stand for change. The real change lies in the ability to see the big picture and to place your precious vote where it counts; do not just vote for Hillary because she is a woman. Vote for change in this country as a whole, regardless of sex, race, religion, etc. Vote for change in this country based on the issues and facts. If you are a woman reading this, truly empower yourself: join Women for Barack Obama and make your voice heard among the millions of women who feel the same.