Thursday, February 14, 2008


My father, Jeff Angstman, is not a poet. But he did write some awesome words when we were discussing the possibility of Democrats in the White House Vs. Republicans. And his words are wise, when he says that, donkeys or elephants, we still have to keep watch over the government to be sure they are working for us, because both parties have spotty records, as well as a lot of cleaning up to do once one of them gets to Office.

Here is the poem from my father, just as a "thought for the day" about both sides of the issue, and another little reminder of how badly we need governmental change to improve the direction of this country. And, although I still count myself a Democrat over a Republican, I would never give myself blindly to one side over another without cause.

As mentioned before, we here at Alternating Current are voting for Barack Obama. Not because he is a Democrat, but because we really believe in his ability to bring change, to heal a broken nation, to listen to all people from all walks of life, to inspire people to care about the future of this country once again. But this decision does not come without the knowledge of knowing there is another side, knowing it is an uphill climb and that there will be battles lost before any battle can be won. My father's poem refuses to take one side over the other, which is admirable and has a strong sense of truth to it. We are taking a side because we feel, at this time, that this is what needs to happen to bring change, a uniting of the voices of the people. But listen to the words of my father, for they are wise -- and trust us, even hoping for the change for which we are voting, we WILL be keeping our eyes on everyone "in charge" for the rest of our lives to be sure they are working FOR US, and not the other way around. We believe Barack Obama will bring about that change.

And without further ado, here are some wise and beautiful words from my father, even if you don't agree with them all:

The World of Politics

I have lived through 58 yrs.
Democrats and Republicans, Ike, W, JFK, Dirty Dick, Slick Willie, all alike.
They take your money.
They make wars and kill your children all the same.
Your vote is courted every 4 years and they love you.
To them it is just a big nasty game.
Middle class taxes are theirs to bloat their big egos.
They are rich guys who look down their noses at us and laugh.
Because we are so stupid that we think this is a democracy.
They own our thoughts and try to tell us what must be important.
What is really important is sunrise, beauty, love of family, the blast of wind that that bike puts in your face, sunset, birth, death, seeing your child after a long absence, real freedom, rainstorms
These politicians will not own me.
None of them do anything that helps the middle or lower classes.
Both parties can kiss our asses.
Remember what I say that JFK killed my classmates in Nam ... and he was a donkey.
What is that fed budget today?
They both spend us into oblivion.
Not wonderful servants but scum with disdain for us.
Sneering as they remove our freedoms. What next? Neck chips for our own safety.
Perhaps barbed wire around our houses and a night curfew to protect us?
Military checkpoints into Oregon.
Old people with no way to support themselves living in culverts.
Rounded up and thrown into poor-prisons....or soylent green or orange.
Better to learn to loathe them all, for they loathe and fear you and your power of thought.