Thursday, March 13, 2008


I am all about passing good deals along, especially when they concern helping the environment. I received a coupon in the mail that is an awesome offer, too good to pass up, except that I can't use it myself, so I want it to go to someone who can.

Here is the deal:
Colorado Blue Spruce
4-year old, 1-2' tall
3 for $5.50, 6 for $10.95, or 12 for $19.95
PLUS 2 free Burning Bushes with your order
and only $1.95 shipping and handling

3 trees and 2 large red bushes mailed to you for only $7.50 total!!

Details: This versatile Blue Spruce makes a lovely single accent planting, privacy row or windbreak, and colorful corner grouping. You'll receive select, nicely-branched 4-year old transplanted trees that are at least 1-2' tall. Having been transplanted, the root system is well developed and will help the tree get off to a fast start.

The Burning Bush has the most brilliant red foliage of any shrub. Fiery red leaves of the Burning Bush are so spectacular in Fall that they look like a bush on fire. 2 free with a Blue Spruce order!

These are from Burgess Seed & Plant Co. in Illinois, which has great, great prices year round, but this offer is a special one, with free plants and a great shipping price!

I have ONE of these coupons/order forms, and ONLY ONE. If you want it, it is yours. I will mail it to the first person who emails me his/her mailing address and says s/he wants it. Please make sure you will plant the trees and that the trees can grow in your climate. Must be in the United States.

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