Thursday, March 20, 2008


Looking for spontaneous fun in Seattle? Join Romp!

Romp is an unannounced summertime midnight game of Ghost in the Graveyard at Gasworks. Romp is a spontaneous Sunday afternoon game of kickball at Cal Anderson costumes! Romp is glow in the dark ultimate frisbee at Volunteer Park. [Seattle Parks]

Romp is a Swaggle text messaging group, created by a friend of the co-op, Jordan Schwartz. Sign up, and half a dozen times throughout the summer, you'll receive a text message to your mobile phone announcing a fun, playful event happening NOW somewhere in the city. Get out and play!

To sign up for Romp, send a text message with the words "JOIN Romp" to Swaggle at (206) 694-9197 or visit Swaggle at, sign up and join the Romp group. Your number won't be sold or anything nasty like that, you won't receive more than one or two messages per month, you can quit any time, and it's free.

[Thanks Jordan]