Monday, March 10, 2008


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Oklahoma State Rep goes on ignorant private homosexual rant [YouTube]
Tips for buying, giving, and using gift cards [FTC]
James S. Huggin debunks your spam myths [JSH]
The Texas two-step leaves Dems flat [NPR]
Halliburton gang rape victim finds no justice [After Downing Street]
Schoolhouse Rock: how a bill becomes a law [YouTube]
I love me some Dolly Parton [PopBytes]
Are you a DJ? Support the DJ Union [DJ Union]
How to say cheers in a lot of different languages [AWA]
Whiskey, on the mocked Wikipedia [Uncyclopedia]
A directory of drinking games! (Please use your head when playing!) [Webtender]
Space Needle's Fun Forest to close in 2009 [Seattle PI]
There is plenty of technology that I am not okay with [Advertising Age]
Washington anti-spam email registry [WAISP]
Washington has some of the toughest laws against email spam [Attorney General]
Tickle Me Elmo on fire [Google Video]
Tenori-On: a musical litebrite mixed with bubblewrap interface [Yamaha]
Have an image or need an image? Create and fulfill image assignments [Pixish]
Oh, I think your cat needs one of these [Kitty Wigs]
Lighter of the Month Club: so awesome and original [LOTMC]
Not for the squeamish animal lover: Edison fries an elephant [Wired]
The 30-second bunnies theatre library [Angry Alien]
I want my own cheering squad like Hank! [Fosfor]
Physics Force: actually teaching you something [UofMinn]
A friend of mine developed this cool group text messaging service [Swaggle]
New e-passports to speed up lines, freak out privacy-types [Engadget]
New Helen Keller photo found: only pic of Helen with her doll [Discovery]