Friday, March 7, 2008


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When the President Talks to God video essay [YouTube]
Cute DJ cat can scratch [YouTube]
Interesting hand cooler keeps bodies from overheating [Stanford]
Why guys get sleepy after sex [LiveScience]
Unintentionally funny old school comic book humor [YesButNoButYes]
Baby orangutans and tigers play together in a zoo [SFGate]
Old news now, but still a pretty cool art social networking site [DeviantArt]
Cool site for PDF magazines [PDF Mags]
Funny Arnold Schwarzenegger laughter [YTMND]
Passive cooling and zeer pots [Permaculture Reflections]
Awesome info about the person living in the Smith Tower [LiveJournal]
Gotta love you some slimy Russian spy [Breitbart]
Particle physics on the cancer ward [BBC]
Cute raccoon stealing a floormat [YouTube]
The 100 Best Last Lines from novels [Utne]
Awesome: Does Hillary Clinton wear a wig? [YouTube]
Hillary Clinton sings metal [YouTube]
Why Hillary is a piece of shit: the case of Paul Vs. Clinton Pt 1 [YouTube]
Why Hillary is a piece of shit: Pt 2 [YouTube]
Awesome Obama video from a year ago. Still love it. [YouTube]
Beware of Robot Monkeys [Random Good Stuff]
Cool vehicles made from VW bodies [Dark Roasted Blend]
One of my boyfriend's favorite bands: Big Digits [Myspace]
Trent Reznor supports PETA? Man...even I don't... [PETA2]
All The Daily Show you could ever want [The Daily Show]
All The Colbert Report you could ever want [Comedy Central]
Shatner doesn't want your opinion on his voiceover [Escaped Goat]
We love them, even though they stole our ideas and charge too much! [Lochers]
Avalanche on Mars! [CNN]
Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping [Rev Billy]
Guerrilla Masquerade in Seattle [GMP]
Check out what awesome people in Seattle do with their cars [Art Cars]
Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Memorial Poetry Contest [DSR Fund]