Sunday, March 9, 2008


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The awesome bioarchitecture of Javier Senosiain [Javier Senosiain]
Hillary's endorsement of McCain over Obama is just crazy talk [Dead Elephant]
Hillary can't put anything where her mouth is: it's too filled with nonsense. [CBS]
Sign the petition to force Hillary to release her tax return docs [Political Groove]
Hillary's "experience" claim under scrutiny [Chicago Tribune]
Cool music teacher teaches "Smells Like Teen Spirit" to orchestra [YouTube]
Couchsurfing is not just a step away from homelessness anymore [CS]
The officially unofficial couchsurfing camp from Burning Man [CSC]
Make biodiesel at home without looking like a redneck hippie [GreenFuels]
The site for Science, Art, and More! [SAAM]
A directory of stupid laws for each state [Dumb Laws]
Historical old shoe-fitting x-ray device [Wisconsin Historical Society]
The Fauxbot Dorkbot site [Fauxbot]
Drink Brawndo! It's got what plants crave [Drink Brawndo]
Some delicious Great Depression recipes...Huh? [Geocities]
Also, some more great Recession Recipes [Eat Dangerously]
How to make your own Green Lantern ring [Instructables]
Top 11 things to put bacon on [AOL Food]
The baby name game: Name Voyager [iVillage]
How to make a placenta [Instructables]
Revolutionizing solar power: the next generation in thin panels [Quest]
Check out Nanosolar's awesome solar panels on their site [Nanosolar]
Awesome charts and graphs of rap song lyrics [Phishhook]