Friday, March 7, 2008



The Fremont Arts Council of Seattle, WA, will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary Solstice Parade this year. As part of that celebration, they will be paying $5,000 for the design and construction of a portable and reusable gateway for the Parade and Solstice Festival.

The Fremont Solstice Parade is attended by an estimated 50,000 people each year, with approximately 1,000 participants. It is known as Seattle's liveliest and quirkiest art parade, an unparalleled demonstration of free speech, creativity, art, and community.

The Parade begins at N. 36th & Leary, Seattle WA 98107, winds through downtown Fremont, and streams through the new gateway into Gasworks Park followed by thousands of parade spectators for a picnic-like afternoon of play and celebration to kick off the beginning of summer.

The gateway will have two features:

1) Two independently standing armatures, approximately 20' high, that create a gateway or arch to be placed at the entranceway to Gasworks Park, the location of the Solstice Festival that follows the Parade. The supports should be able to be placed approximately 20' apart.

2) Light, colorful artistic elements that can be carried by parade participants or attached to a float body (provided by the Arts Council) at the beginning of the parade, and later attached to the supports as the parade reaches the park, its final destination.

The Fremont Arts Council is looking for an innovative use of materials that can be durable, yet lightweight enough to be carried for the length of the parade by people. The parade is 1.2 miles long, approximately 2 hours from start to finish. They encourage the use of environmentally and socially responsible materials, both in material content and manufacture.

They would like to use the gateway for future Fremont Arts Council events. The gateway will become the property of the FAC exclusively for this purpose. They understand the importance of recognizing the artist's work, and this is something they will negotiate together with the artist as is befitting to the artwork.

Many volunteers and donations of materials show up for the construction of the parade. The FAC will make as many of both available to artists as they can for this project. They understand that building a standing armature requires very different skills than creating artistic elements that can be used in a parade. The Fremont Arts Council can assist the artist in the design and construction of the standing armatures, if necessary.

Please include in your application:

  • Artist Resume
  • Portfolio of up to 10 images (photos or jpg)
  • Rough sketch(es) for gateway and artistic elements

Deadline for applications:
Applications should be received by: Thursday, March 13, 2008

Please send materials to:

Fremont Arts Council
Gateway Project
3940 Fremont Ave. N.
Seattle, WA 98103