Monday, March 31, 2008


Sticker Robot has teamed up with Obey Giant to print and sell Shepard Fairey's acclaimed Obama "Hope" stickers. They are offering them cheap, because the more that get out there the better. It is the best proactive way to make sure that this historic image, produced by the volunteer efforts of a few, will end up in the hands of the many.

Stickers are 4" x 6" and printed with a UV-coated silkscreen pantone process, which means they are outdoor quality and as durable as they get.

Any proceeds from the sales of the Obama "Hope" stickers will go toward creating more campaign stickers by other artists in support of Barack Obama's bid for President.

Buy your ass some.

In addition to this, a cool piece of news is that Barack Obama wrote a personal letter to Shepard Fairey in recognition of his work and asked him to create a special poster for sale on Obama's website. That is so awesome that Barack is embracing, recognizing, appreciating, and supporting the arts, the "little people," their ideas, the internet, telecommunication... everything. He sees it around him, he is intune with it, and he embraces it: YouTube, Myspace, Facebook, Flickr, Digg, Twitter... and, most importantly to me, artists. Hillary, are you listening? Probably not. But Barack is.

Buy the poster; the money goes to support Barack's campaign:

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