Thursday, March 20, 2008


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Awesome blog of photoshopped pics [PhotoShopped]
Izaz Rony, photographer, is all about guerrilla photofare [Kottke]
Cool evolution of 10 popular websites [Wake Up Later ^]
Serious storms swamp the Midwest. Hope my family takes cover! [AP]
If Ann Coulter had Liveblogged the Gettysburg Address [Same Facts #]
Euthanasia debate woman is found dead; being investigated [CNN]
Barack The Vote, ladies and gentlemen [Barackawear]
Australia's cool artist site [Red Bubble ^]
Was Mona Lisa pregnant? [Popgive]
See the desks of creative people [PingMag ~]
Dan's awesome collection of sad, retired, abandoned software [D2CA *]
Thank you, Gosh, for bringing me Jason Kottke [Kottke]
My friend's Facebook application analysis report published [Waggle]
A lovely collection of collections [Oobject ~]
An absolutely stunning performance in theater [Popgive]
Swaggle Mobile txt group started by my friend makes news [Mashable]
ImprovEverywhere's new musical makes me hungry! [YouTube]
A top ten list of awesome product sites [Fire Pixel]
Amazing surreal art photo Flickr pool [Flickr ^]
Weave yourself some awesome stories! [Ambleweb]
Cats that look like Hitler [CTLLH #]
Awesome blog about West Seattle [WS Blog]
A way to find and list your talents [Explore Talent]
Great new Speed Racer trailer [Yahoo *]
Adorable cat does dog tricks [Popgive]
A few ways to have a better functioning brain [Waggle]
Minesweeper: what happens when a boring game becomes a movie [UR ~]
Body of War has a great soundtrack of anti-war songs [BOW]
Writers who have suffered from the Sylvia Plath effect [Neatorama]
Spectacular scene over Planet Earth [Popgive]
Fabulous graffiti art blog with all kinds of gorgeous street art pics [Streetsy]
Forgotten Jewish architects from Nazi Germany chronicled [Kottke]
Great Nudist Font revealed [Craig Oldham *]

via: *=Kottke, ^=Dark Roasted Blend, #=Woot, ~=Design Verb