Tuesday, March 25, 2008


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Interview with Dr. Hansen about Bush censoring science [Democracy Now ~]
Clinton gets slapped in the face by YouTube...and herself [Daily Kos]
Clinton says she "misspoke," what she means is: "damn, I got caught" [NYT]
Texas overrules Bush in execution case [CNN]
An awesome airline agreement that could change the way you travel [Kottke]
A friend's nature documentary project with high schoolers gets finalized [TWAO @]
Mac Funamizu has an awesome mobile internet search invention idea [Josh Spear]
Overlay TV: unique product placement that benefits everyone [Josh Spear]
John McCain's biggest threat to his campaign? Himself [Daily Kos]
Find anyone's email for free? Interesting... privacy is overrated anyway [MFES]
Internet source for buying astronaut food, ice cream [Funky Food Shop]
Fabulous geeky fun: The Line Rider [LR #]
Environmentally friendly recycled clothing [Super Lucky Cat]
Obama truly has an amazing agenda: see for yourself [Obama Will ^]
Everything by Scott Rench, support an artist with his cute design [Josh Spear]
Strangest Christian products and signs [Dark Roasted Blend]
Ridiculous video on how to clean up your kitchen [Presurfer]
The pressure of the ocean shrinks foam cups [NYT #]
Kiss your afternoon goodbye with this interactive story [ShigaBooks %]
Xeni flies at Zero Gravity [Boing Boing]

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