Wednesday, March 26, 2008


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Will the media finally report that the surge has failed? [Daily Kos]
Assisted suicide advocate Kevorkian runs for Congress [MW Daily]
How green tech could make Europe a new tech superpower [ZD Net]
McCain to take bold Non-Action on the economy [Daily Kos]
On the trail of French culture with a neat video blog [France Guide]
A day in the life of the world's tallest man [MW Daily]
Family still seeks justice for murdered teen who'd be 30 today [Wicked Local]
Great video of slugs having sex, really fascinating [YouTube @]
Is Hillary too "sleep-deprived" to be answering the phone at 3 a.m.? [Daily Kos]
NASA decides not to cut Mars rovers funding, thank you, thank you [LAT #]
The fastest gun ever is Bob Munden, awesome video of awesomeness [Popgive]
Skullphone goes big on billboards [Wooster Collective]
New polling in favor of Democrats [Daily Kos]
Portraits of your dead pets with religious figures [Pet Tribute Creations $]
Site lets you permalink and tag favorite scenes from movies [Movie Stamper @]
Awesome UK giclee art store makes regular posters look lame [Cosh #]
Some humorous Barack Obama wear [SwagDog]
Bill Clinton doesn't care about his/Hillary's nastiness hurting Democrats [ABC]
Hussein fed money to spy for U.S. officials' trip [CNN]
A very interesting encyclopedia, but I don't agree with all entries [Dickopedia]
A new music MP3 site that supports the artists in many ways [Fuzz]
My friend's website: John Aruda, awesome saxophonist for hire [JA]
Whack Tuberculosis with a simple, fun game [Whack TB $]
Frolicon? An adult-oriented science fiction convention [Frolicon]
The Mannequin Project features Linda Carter as Wonder Woman [WWM]
Why do I care about McCain's daughter's blog and playlists? [Fuzz]
My friend's SMS service gets reviewed on ValleyWag [VW]
Man runs marathon wearing 9 foot tall Iron Giant costume [Mr. Future $]
Turkey blocks Slide website for negative photos of their government [ZD Net]
A crafty take on Star Wars: Shatner in beads [Wired $]
The 85 weirdest storytellers of the past 85 years [Weird Tales $]
An adorable way to make and listen to mix tapes [Muxtape $]
Hillary, you got really ugly [YouTube $]
A cute blog for things made by children and their creativity [Theblog Weemade @]
An awesome video for the everyday normal guy [YouTube]
What are we teaching kids? The Miss Bimbo interactive simulation game? [MW]
The 10 most historically inaccurate movies [Yahoo %]
John McCain channels Dick Cheney [Daily Kos]
Hypocritical Clinton now won't debate in NC [Daily Kos]
Subliminal messages in advertising even affect the advertisers [YouTube ^]
Oh, how I love this tongue-in-cheek look at "Clinton's lead" [Daily Kos]
Awesome composite Iraq photo made up of the war's dead soldiers [Daily Kos]
Kottke has a fantastic set of maps of moon landings [Kottke]
Help Wired pick out the best self-promoters [Wired]
Richard Widmark, tough-guy actor, dies at 93 [CNN *]
Amazing Antarctic ice shelf breaks at 90 degree angles [BBC &]
Female peacocks are not attracted to male peacocks' feathers [Discovery]
Very cool illustrations by N.C. Wyeth [Golden Age Comics]

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