Friday, March 28, 2008


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Obama supporter shocked to find herself in Hillary ad [King 5]
West Virginia: awesome website for arts, crafts, festivals [WV Arts]
Amazing video footage of Hillary under some serious sniper fire [YouTube]
Cool text messaging group service that allows you to have control [Upoc]
Those creepy Japanese and their creepy cleaning toilets [Washlet *]
Pac-Man game as text only [Pac-Txt *]
And Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy as a text game [Douglas Adams *]
Jawes moderation policy. The very reason I don't allow comments [Boing Boing]
Dan Lipinski, Illinois superdelegate officially backs Obama [Chicago Tribune]
Fox refuses to pay FCC indecency fine: Bush/Cheney teach them how [Daily Kos]
Awesome Flickr set of an abandoned rollercoaster [Kottke]
The press doesn't want you to go by what McCain actually says [Daily Kos]
Interesting IdeaFactory develops ideas using an industrial process [Brain Store]
A bunch of tidy collective online history archives [Kottke]
The endoscope camera in a pill [MW Daily]
Hillary didn't help with the Family Leave Act! [Daily Kos]
Anders Weberg makes true P2P art, videos that are deleted once shared [Kottke]
Hillary's big dollar donors threaten Pelosi and the DCC [Daily Kos]
Hillary is a Serial Exaggerator and should be depicted as such [Daily Kos]
Pieces of recycled urban furniture [Web Urbanist]
Seattle artist spews discontent over lack of interactive outdoor art [Amani Ellen]
A new application lets you email people in the future [Time Machiner %]
Amazing visuals and charts to help you explore your inbox [Flowing Data %]
Just who do these rich Clinton donors think they are? [Oliver Willis $]
Delegate math myth & fact: a great look at the numbers [Open Left $]
Adorable art: body organs done in fine knitted fashion [Sarah Illenberger #]
A look at the stupid new design for the Eiffel Tower: why? [Guardian #]
A great environmentally-friendly recycled jewelry maker [GreenKarat]

A friend's Obama idea [^]:

My favorite picture of the day:

[via: % Vitamin Briefcase, $ Daily Kos, # Kottke]
[Thanks: * Heather, ^ Alex]
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