Sunday, March 30, 2008


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Inflatable statues make great street art [Wooster Collective]
Informative video about Earth Hour, celebrated yesterday [Daily Kos]
Pennsylvania Senator Bob Casey endorses Barack Obama [Yahoo]
Density-changing squid beaks could lead to better artificial limbs [Discovery]
McCain's amazing views and opinions on contraception [Vitamin Briefcase]
LA Vs. War: 4 days of art and activism against the war, April 10-13, 2008 [LVW]
Timelapse video on the formation of an art installation for LA Vs. War [Wooster]
Keep an eye out for Freedom's Watch, Repubs' lame version of MoveOn [Daily Kos]
You can truly read while you eat, toaster burns your message into toast [Popgive]
Disgustingly ugly and ferocious fish terrifies Britain [Presurfer]
The Windows interface over the years [Popgive]
We Are Clinton: hilarious parody of Scntlgy video in relation to Clinton [MW Daily]
I totally want the most depressing watch ever [Presurfer]
Information about Footnote archives and interactive Vietnam memorial [Kottke]
DIY education: resources for how to teach yourself [Lifehack]
Woman fakes hysterical injury in court [Popgive]
50 tiny health habits that can save you money and add years [NOEDb ^]
Best Buy customer asked to leave for telling customer about product [Consumerist #]
Julio Diaz treats his mugger to dinner and sociology [NPR ^ %]
All Venezuelan oil usually sent to US will be sent to China [Reuters @]
Over 2,000 police deployed in Athens to protect torch from protesters [NBC @]
Obama wins another superdelegate from Connecticut [Dem Convention Watch @]

[via: ^ Presurfer, % Kottke, # Vitamin Briefcase, @ Daily Kos]