Tuesday, June 3, 2008


The newest release from Propaganda Press, "Confessions of a White Hat" by Ed Galing, has garnered a little local attention. Doug Holder of Ibbetson Street Press, The Somerville News (Arts Editor), and the official blog of author Ed Galing, has reviewed the poetry chapbook on Galing's blog and in the Off The Shelf section of The Somerville News:

I speak to 91 year old Hatboro, Pennsylvania[,] poet Ed Galing on a regular basis, and I am amazed that despite his advanced years his mind is still sharp, and he continues to regale the small press with his prolific output of poetry and prose. Ed at this stage in the game is being discovered and is being published in such top shelf [magazines as]: Pearl, Margie, Rattle[,] and others.

I am also glad that a local press: Propaganda Press, headed by [Cambridge] resident Leah Angstman, has published a new [chapbook] from Ed. Ed has written extensively about his days as a boy on the streets of the Lower East Side of New York City, his stint as an occupation soldier during World War ll, and his life in America as a Jew, family man, and the many other roles he has played in the long expanse of his lifetime.

His latest book "Confessions of a White Hat" deals with his time as a naval reservist in the post World War ll Cold War era. In characteristic Galing style[,] he gives the reader the taste and texture of the Navy-life, as he knew it. Here Galing describes the milieu, and the sensibility of his place and time:

The Beginning

we are a motley
as motley as
you could ever wish
for; fresh out of
other branches
of the service,
after world war
the reserves
wave a silver
platter before
our eyes;
coast guard
we all clamber
on board,
not willing to
forget the
military yet;
the cold war
is still on;
unrest in other
parts of the
the russian bear,
i had to be nuts
but six months
after i get out
of the Army
i am now a
member of the
naval air
on active duty
at an air station
four miles from
and the fat is in
the fire once

Ed tells me that Leah Angstman is going to publish more of his work so that he can speak to us well after his death. Let's hope that Ed stays around on this earthly plain for some years to come.

Nipping the rumors: We are, in fact, publishing more of Ed's work. Due out Friday we have:
  • Diner, reprinted poems from 1999, $5.
  • Bargain Basement and other selected poems, reprinted poems from 2001, $4.
  • Out On A Limb, reprinted poems from 2002, $5.
  • Shadows On The Wall, reprinted poems from 2006, $4.
  • Chasing The World Never Catching Up, a new chapbook of collected works, $4.

Chapbooks of Ed's due out before the end of the month:

  • Loose Ends, reprinted poems from 1999, $6.
  • Raising The Roof (and other poems), reprinted poems, $4.
  • Rooftops (A Poetry Collection), reprinted poems, $5.
  • Senior Center, reprinted poems from 2001, $5.
  • Lower East Side Poems, a new chapbook of collected works, $5.
All of these chapbooks are available by sending check or money order made out to Alternating Current to Alternating Current, PO Box 398058, Cambridge, MA 02139 USA, or electronically via Paypal, sent to the address alt.current@gmail.com. Please send us an email to the same email address letting us know your purchasing wishes. Advanced orders are accepted. We are sorry for the purchasing inconvenience while the website is down. If you wish to review any of these publications, please let us know the details, and we will send you a press kit.