Monday, July 21, 2008


Ed Galing's chapbook, Confessions of a White Hat, published by Propaganda Press, has been reviewed by renowned author Michael Kriesel. Michael's review of the book will be printed in Chiron Review, Free Verse, and Small Press Review.

In addition, both Michael and Ed have poems featured in Propaganda Press' latest collection of poetry by various authors, Poiesis #1, available for $4 [which includes shipping] from Alternating Current, PO Box 398058, Cambridge MA 02139, USA. Checks made out to Alternating Current, or Paypal to [Please send an email to the same address to let us know of your purchase while the website shopping cart is temporarily down. Sorry for the purchasing inconvenience.]

Michael Kriesel's review:

Confessions of a White Hat
By Ed Galing
2008; 36pp; Propaganda Press,
POB 398058 Cambridge,
MA 02139. $5.

Reviewed By Michael Kriesel

Poetry as history is Galing’s specialty. Plus he tells a damn good story.
Ed’s an inspiration to me. He’s 90 years old, lost his wife a year ago, and still keeps writing. Writing well. Even writing cheerful 2 and 3-page letters on an old electric typewriter to any small press poet who drops him a line.
I hope to do as well someday.
Galing’s known for story poems about Depression-era New York, back when teenagers would sneak into burlesque shows. Days when the refrigerator held a giant block of ice. Priceless, entertaining, vivid snapshots of a world long gone.
Confessions of a White Hat
recounts Ed’s 17 years in the Naval Reserve, which he joined after his Army discharge at the end of WWII. A few photos interspersed make this a slice of history up close and personal. The poems are on a par with Thomas Michael McDade’s own fine Navy tales.
Highly recommended!

[Thanks Michael]