Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy, the graphic novel by Dan Nolan, is a dark surrealish satire set in an office. The characters see themselves in the reflection of Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy's sunglasses and take his silence for understanding. Dulled by the banality of the office, and comforted by the reflection of familiarity, they find themselves at ease with his presence and ignore his outrageous appearance and any potential implications that it might have. It's a tale as old as time, taking place in an office near you. Business Casual Stag Devil Death Boy was written, illustrated, produced, and published by local comic creator Dan Nolan.

Check out a free preview online at Wowio (no registration required) or directly download the PDF version for free. Look for the print version in a comic store near you (if you are local, you can find it at Pandemonium Books in Central Square or Million Year Picnic in Harvard Square, Boston/Cambridge, Massachusetts) or buy it online through the ComiXpress print-on-demand store.

Also check out the website, the artist, the blog, the merchandise store, and the Facebook group; or contact Dan directly.