Sunday, February 10, 2008


Critical Massive is the annual Seattle / Northwest area Burning Man Regional event. It is a week-long summer camping festival that features music, performance, theme camps and art installations, produced by and for the members of the Pacific Northwest community with the fiscal backing of Ignition Northwest 501c.

Critical Massive 2008 will run from June 2 - 8, 2008, at Skalitude in scenic Carleton, WA, a leisurely four-hour drive from Seattle.

Tickets are available now via Brown Paper Tickets. There will be no gate sales OR will call and tickets will be limited to 500 this year. The first tier (half of the tickets!) has already sold out! Don't miss out on this amazing year they have planned!

Would you like to help with Critical Massive this year? Be sure to attend their next public meeting. Check the Ignition Northwest event calendar for more info! Meetings are usually held at the CHAC Lower Level. Volunteers make this event happen!

Art grant submissions will be accepted from Feb 15th - Feb 25th, 2008; grant announcements will be made on March 10th, 2008. See the grants page on the Ignition Northwest website for more info. Please download and fill out the application, and email it to the grant panel.
Grant Application -> Grant panel:

Theme camps who want to participate should download and fill out the questionnaire, and email it to the placement team.
Theme Camp Questionnaire -> Placement team:


UPDATE 2.20.08: For information about public meetings to get involved with Critical Massive, click here.

For thorough information about Critical Massive Art Grants, click here.


UPDATE 2.28.08: There are currently 14 tickets left. Go get them.
UPDATE 3.4.08: Tickets are sold out.