Tuesday, February 12, 2008



The following information is the latest in art grant information for Critical Massive, the large art / camping / workshop gathering in Seattle in June 2008. Check here for any updates to the art grant information.

This year you will be asked about your environmental impact, so give this some serious thought. This event takes place in a pristine valley that is solar powered, and they HIGHLY encourage you to consider your environmental options and footprint this year.

Key dates:
Submission period opens: Feb 15, 2008
Submission period closes: Feb 25, 2008
Announcement of grant recipients: Mar 10, 2008

For 2008, they've changed the granting structure a bit from previous years: in addition to the primary art grant process known from years past (and detailed below), they're also offering two new types of grants:

Workshop grants
These are intended to encourage performers and artisans to share their valued skills with the rest of the community. If you're a performer or artist with skills to share, and are already intending to bring some infrastructure with you to CM, these grants can provide a way to help defray some of the costs of transport, while providing more interaction opportunities for everyone in attendance.

The intent of the Microgrant is to encourage art throughout the event, in ways not typically thought for arts grants. These grants, limited to $100 each, require only a narrative of the project along with any visual description you can provide. There will only be five of these Microgrants granted in 2008. Surprise us!

Artist Tickets

A limited number of subsidized Artist Tickets will be available this year for $30. Applicants will be chosen based on level of participation. First options will go to Art Grant and Workshop Applicants, with performer applications being decided on a first come first served basis for the remaining. CM2k8 tickets WILL sell out, so if you are unsure if you will get one, BUY ONE NOW!

Submission Requirements
To be considered for an art grant for Critical Massive 2008, artists must submit all of the following:

Cover Letter:
In the cover letter, artists should:
* Indicate the reason for their interest in the project and briefly describe their approach;
* Include the artist's name, mailing address, daytime phone number, and email address. If a collaborative project, include all participating artists' names, but indicate which is to be the primary contact.
* Include a brief biographical summary of each collaborator, indicating the artists' past experiences with related work, past grants, web site portfolios if they are available, etc.
* Include a short statement of the project's environmental footprint, including power, fuel, and/or alternate energy sources. Please address how you are sourcing and disposing of materials and your plan for LNT (leave no trace) after the event.

Written Project Proposal, not to exceed two pages:
Artists should:
* Describe their proposal for this project, addressing visual impact, materials, interactivity, installation method, and any other information that would help to explain the proposal.
* Describe how the project incorporates the goals of Ignition Northwest, to foster community through the construction of participatory art that embodies the Burning Man spirit of both radical self-expression and cross-disciplinary collaboration.
* Describe how issues of public safety, vandalism, and maintenance will be addressed in the design and materials.
* Describe the area size (including fire perimeter that you require, if any) and if you have any other site specific needs such as power, water, and permits.
* If fire is a part of your piece, please describe how you have fire safety support.
* If your project is not active all the time, please indicate what time(s) of day your piece will be active, and whether you intend to have a scheduled event.

* Include a budget that summarizes the cost of materials, transportation, installation, etc. Be sure to include in your budget some indication of the value in time and resources that have already been committed to the project by the contributors.

Visual Materials: (not to exceed two pages)
* Artists should submit a drawing or some clear visual representation of the proposed artwork. If artists prefer to build a three-dimensional model for this proposal, they can photograph the model and include the photograph with the printed materials or as one of the images submitted as work examples.

Photodocumentation of past representative work:
* Please include up to ten digital images of previously completed and/or representative work, numbered according to a completed image list. For collaborative projects, representative works may be drawn from different collaborators. Digital images must be submitted as email attachments or as a link to a web site, with the latter preferred. If images are submitted as email attachments, each should be saved as an individual 300 dpi JPEG file, no larger than 1MB.
* Clearly provide a list of images with title and associated file name or URL, and a sentence describing each image.

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Once again, the proposal deadline is Feb 25, 2008!