Thursday, February 21, 2008


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If other countries can do it, why can't we? [CNN]
Great mug for aggressive caffeine addicts [Gizmodo]
The Creationist Science Fair is fucking scary [UTNE Reader]
The Encyclopedia of Life shows you amazing nature [The Daily Green]
Check out the Encyclopedia of Life [EOL]
William Shatner's awesome version of Rocketman [YouTube]
New Electronic display screen that runs on blood [Physorg]
The most comprehensive photo files from Abu Ghraib [Salon]
Abu Ghraib study on how good people turn evil [Wired]
Google gives free voicemail numbers to homeless [MSNBC]

Great indie car film from Renegade Productions: CLUTCH [Clutch]
Peter Callesen: totally awesome paper cut-out artwork [Peter Callesen]
Weird remains found under a Pike Place Market building [Ghost Tours]
Trailer for the new Star Wars animated film [Star Wars]
Easy ways to improve your vision [Readers Digest]
Funny homemade Spiderman movie [Ryan J. Harris]
Another homemade Spiderman movie [Ryan J. Harris]

Yes, the Postcard Virus is a real virus [Snopes]
Star Wars according to a 3-year old [YouTube]
Insane Harry Potter couple come together for love [The Knot]
Ralph Nader is gonna make things uglier [CNN]
Hillary Clinton's real views on women, war, Saddam, & WMD [YouTube]
Funny Onion: Diebold accidentally leaks results of election [The Onion]
Absolutely hilarious Chuck Norris facts [Chuck Norris Facts]
My friend, Scott Aruda, plays trumpet for Bill Clinton's 60th [YouTube]

Funny Hillary sayings [Hillary Is Mom Jeans]
Funny Barack Obama Sayings [Barack Obama Is Your New Bicycle]
Sweet RoboBugs [Insect Lab]

Fixing up the iconic Hat 'N' Boots [Seattle PI]
An online encyclopedia of Washington state history [HistoryLink]
Tori Amos makes a comic book from song narratives [ICv2 News]
Some interesting reading on TV journalism [Technology Review]
Good article about Obama's grassroots campaign [Rolling Stone]
Photoset from the inside of the Rainier Cold Storage before its demise [Flickr]
Another photoset from the Rainier Cold Storage [Flickr]
Ralph Nader enters the presidential race [ CNN]
The Phelps: the most hated family in America [Atheist Nation]
How dirty tricks are played in politics [Washington Post]
Funny video on the history of LOLcats [Milk & Cookies]
The Tom Cruise indoctrination video Scientology tried to suppress [Gawker]
A new piece of music by Gotham City Project [DivShare]

Burner site to find out where to go for beer on Friday in Seattle [Beer Friday]
Rescued lion hugs its rescuer through zoo bars [Telestereo]
Amazing video of Texas students marching 7 miles to vote [The Field]
Cool alternative fuel-run RV site [Eco RVing]
Hillary tries to pin Obama for plagiarism [Daily KOS]
Funny LOLbama picture blog [Lolbama]
Party Volcano blog has all the fun events in Seattle [Party Volcano]

Scientists develop technique to harvest rain for energy [Discovery]
Cool map of how oceans suffer from human activity [MSNBC]
1960's and 1970's vintage stripper polaroids [Flickr]
Clinton's speech gets cut off to cut to Obama's [Huffington Post]
Interesting article on where that $600 economy check is going [Chicago Tribune]
Dolphins blow bubble rings [YouTube]
Amazing young organ player rocks out on Kansas [Break]
Swiss graphic design history as a Flickr set [Flickr]
Take a quiz to find out which candidate fits your specific issues [GlassBooth]
Cool Obama design from Obey [ObeyGiant]
Sunscreen is killing off coral [National Geographic]
Register your phone with the National Do-Not-Call Registry [Do-Not-Call]

Swiss Bank wins scary injunction to shut down Wikileaks [ArsTechnica]
2 million Chinese kicked out of their homes for Olympics [Sunday Mirror]
Supreme Court rejects ACLU challenge to wiretaps [The Raw Story]
Seattle skateboard company makes cool aluminum boards [Corbus Boards]
In Harlem, Votes for Barack Obama didn't get counted [NY Times]
Interesting opinion on the Miss S. Carolina Pageant of August 2007 [Peter David]
Who would have thought that Botox would be dangerous? [Seattle PI]
Homeland Security's latest non-lethal weapon, The Pukelight [Engadget]
R.I.P. Justine Lafaye: So long to a good soul [Hive Mind Travels]
Fred Phelps pickets Heath Ledger's funeral [Me-Me-Me]
Good article about the distinctions of Obama & Clinton [The Huffington Post]
Scientology protest Flickr pool [Flickr]
Analysis of the Telecom cable cuts [Wired]
Seattle's youth speaks: only the Obama campaign cares [Daily KOS]
Interesting essay on the market of free stuff [Edge]
NSF's 14 greatest engineering challenges for the 21st century [NetworkWorld]
Ballard Denny's officially declared landmark, after its 2007 closing [Seattle Times]
For McCain, self confidence on ethics poses its own risk [NY Times]
Electric Fountain amazes many at Rockefeller Center [NY Times]
Republican votes go uncounted in Washington State [Talking Points Memo]