Thursday, February 21, 2008


This is the beginning of a new feature we are going to have on this blog. It is a listing of cool news, events, history-making stories, links, videos, and ideas that intrigue us each day. Sort of a Digg or Reddit-style list of our favorite articles and links containing some awesome information for each day. You can find this set of monthly constantly-updated links by visiting the search label YOUR DAILY CRACK in the label [WHAT'S YOUR DRUG OF CHOICE?] box in the sidebar or up at the top of the blog. There will only be ONE post daily, and we will update it with new links, added to the top of the list, in no particular order except reverse chronological of how we found them and posted them. It is going to be a sweet little mini-news feed [yeahyah! get your RSS feed on!] that will hopefully keep you coming back to the blog, clicking on YOUR DAILY CRACK in the sidebar to see what you've missed, and reading what we consider awesome and newsworthy but perhaps don't have enough time, research, knowledge, or overall interest to delve into further for a full-on blog post/article/story.

DO check it out. You WILL love it.