Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Weapons of Mass Reproduction is a cool project in Seattle, started by mover and shaker artist, designer, and filmmaker Carey Christie, that involves dressing up in pregnancy bellies and taking over bars, drinking, smoking, having a good time, and educating others on women's rights, human rights, sexuality, health care, or any other topic that is sparked by questioning onlookers. Find out more information here. If you are in Seattle, find out the next location and date, and get involved!

A bit of information about them:

This project is a performance art/social awareness-raising event that they plan to host once a month.

Most people, even passive-aggressive Seattle liberalistas, really freak out when they see a pregnant chick tugging on a rocks glass full of Makers Mark. WOMR puts that shock value to their advantage in the cause of pointing out the many funding cuts and other political blocks to education and health care resources for women and children in this country, especially in the cases of single mothers or girls from low-income areas. These issues belong to our society, not just to the 14-year-old in rural Wisconsin who gets knocked up by her first boyfriend because her school teaches an abstinence-only form of sex education.

What WOMR does: Get dressed up fake preggers and drink [if you drink] and smoke [if you smoke] publicly, behaving in a rowdy manner that calls attention. Then when people give them the stink eye, WOMR give the onlookers buttons that lead them to the WOMR website with current links to education and resources regarding reproductive rights and women and children's health care issues in the US. The idea of this event is not that WOMR runs around and lectures people on the issues. The political agenda is to help people recognize that they DO give a shit about this issue and then point them toward a resource where they can learn more and hopefully get involved in the fight to keep women and children healthy and loved in this country.