Friday, March 21, 2008


I recently got an email from the pool of peeps over at Outskirts Press that detailed the "Seven Publishing Secrets That Can Help You Succeed." I just thought it was interesting and quick, so I am passing it along:

1.) Keep all your rights and get a non-exclusive contract.
2.) Set your own royalty and retail price for your book.
3.) Professional interior formatting and typesetting should be included.
4.) Personal marketing guidance after publication should be included.
5.) Have access to flexible print runs from 1 to 1000s.
6.) Be sure your author price is below wholesale, regardless of quantity.
7.) Receive distribution through Ingram; Baker & Taylor; and Amazon.

Outskirts Press is a print-on-demand publisher, and apparently, they do all these things, or they wouldn't be telling me that a good print place does all these things. What I will add is this:

1.) Be sure you get rights to an eBook. EBooks are the future of the world.
2.) I would also say you should get distribution through Barnes & Noble and Borders, too, since those are huge booksellers, and ultimately, it costs the printers beans to go through them.