Saturday, March 22, 2008


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Comcast to put video cameras in your living room? [Slashdot]
Hysterical, smug guy breaks ladder [YouTube *]
Another funny ladder video: my obsession continues [YouTube *]
Design your own clothes from an urban tailor [UT]
Creepy real Mario and Homer photoshops [Pixeloo]
Why Hillary Clinton should quit [Time]
If you want to continue having fun showers, get a bathmat, seriously [YouTube *]
The right faces for toilet paper: my new favorite product [Prank Place]
Rush Limbaugh involved in voter fraud? [AlterNet]
8 fun new games [Militant Platypus]
Man plays Star Wars Cantina song with his hands [YouTube *]
My friend Zoey's basic web start-up and design services [One 2 One]
Jewelry shows what it's made of, literally [Josh Spear]
My friend, Mercedes, appears in a funny show [Ghost Tours]
Only Japan could make this lousy song interesting [YouTube *]
The awesome performances of the Cabiri [Anunnaki $]
My friend's Anunnaki Project [Anunnaki $]
When you need to know if login problems are your own or everyone's [DFEOJM ^]
An awesome friend's band, The Sacred Truths [Myspace %]
Lost Prada glasses, an experiment in Internet chivalry [Under Consideration ~]
My friends' band, the awesome Super Geek League [SGL %]
Awesome real-life Ms. PacMan video [YouTube *]
McCain suspends staffer over Wright video, very noble for a Republican [CNN]
The picture of adorable: a sneezing panda baby [YouTube *]
Action Wipes will create custom sweat wipes for Burning Man camps [AW]
Why Exxon won't produce more [Business Week]
The Notorious H.I.T. - always funny and necessary [YouTube]
Funny videos of rock stars overdubbed to play badly [Panopticist *]
Call for artists and start-ups to head on down to Nola [Josh Spear]
And speaking of Nola, check out Brangelina's great organization [Make It Right]
Ever thought you might want a puppet show? Yesssss... [Puppet Superstore]
It's about time that PC doesn't win, is that so much to ask? [Breitbart]
Can you really run your car with water? Hmmm... [RYCWW]
Woman dies after flying ray leaps from water and strikes her [CNN]
Why is someone snooping in Obama's passport files? [CNN]

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