Sunday, March 23, 2008


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Bill Richardson, Hispanic governor, endorses Obama [IHT]
Hillary blatantly lies about her heroism; no sniper fire, just a kid [Daily Kos]
How to hijack a fast food drive-thru window frequency [Gizmodo *]
Hillary is the new Queen of Mean [Business Week]
RealScoop uses voice analysis tech to test truths of public figures [Presurfer]
Obama on Obama: great video distinguishing differences on policy [YouTube]
I really am terribly in love with these small Magnutz [Goroku]
Oh, and these magnets by Richard Hutten are just adorable [Dezeen]
Bruce Springsteen on Barack Obama [Obama]
Crazy cat loves water, and I love crazy cat [YouTube]
Some advertising designs to teach kids about obesity [Musback *]
It's raining McCain? What does that even mean? Should I take cover? [Boing Boing]
Gorgeous and sad coverage of five years in Iraq [Reuters]
Beautiful abandoned buildings; check links at bottom of page, too [WebUrbanist]
Photo of Bill Clinton and Rev. Wright emerges [NYT]
Obama's ex-Pastor has done years of good, speaks what we are afraid to say [WP]
Great Russian Gmail art advertisement [YouTube *]
The Brown Noser: funny video about impressing your boss [Presurfer]
One of my favorite videos of all time, The Machine is Us/ing Us [YouTube]
A fire artist takes a trip into Stalin's abandoned mines [Dark Roasted Blend]
Incredible works of insane architectural genius [WebUrbanist]
The world as music [BP3 ^]
The frats need a little team anthem, too [College Humor %]
You can adopt your own Who from Horton Hears A Who website [Presurfer]
I found an old classic: "Red Rubber Ball" by The Cyrkle [YouTube]
Boston Dynamics make an unstoppable Big Dog [YouTube ~]
Plans for anti-terror unit found in garbage [Reuters]
My new favorite magazine [Make It Mine]
Gorgeous nature photos by Ian Cameron [Popgive]
Michael Chabon on why real-life superhero costumes won't work [Kottke]
Fabulous foreign sign of great toiletry advice [Engrish #]
Wii Fit is really a product that you need, need, need [College Humor %]
A "new old" obsession: France Gall [YouTube]
Awesome website of artists' galleries of celebrity portraits [Star Portraits @]
Target supports line of clothing/games by indie artists/creators [Kevin Allen]

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