Sunday, March 23, 2008


[If you are unfamiliar with Critical Massive, read our previous posts on the event and the grants.]

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2008 Critical Massive art and workshop grants:

Art grants for large-scale art projects awarded to:

Workshop grants for art workshops awarded to:

  • Napalm Dragon for Fire Breathing Workshop
  • Vern Claire for Giant Puppet Workshop
  • Dawn Bustanoby for Hoop Workshop
  • David Van Arsdale for Neon/LED/EL Workshop
  • Sarah Johnson for Poi Workshop
  • Snow Dragon for Wing Making Workshop

Microgrants for small-scale art projects awarded to:

  • Teri McFarland for Eh-cuP-Tay
  • Sven Liden for Umbrella Favela
  • Dylan Bergeson, Daif, and Mattress for Balance
  • Jed Vasallo for Levitation
  • Rusty Oliver and Hazard Factory for Sex Toy Drag Races

Ideas, layouts, designs, details of these grants and art installations will be available soon on the Ignition Northwest Critical Massive site. All art installations and workshops will be featured at Critical Massive 2008. Tickets for this event have sold out.

[Thanks Stuart]