Monday, March 24, 2008


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My friends' cool, interactive scavenger hunt/pic finding game [Found Memories @]

Tibet protesters disrupt Olympic games [ESPN]
Awesome interactive ad for letting your worries go [LYWG #]
"Silent diplomacy" with China/Tibet will not be enough [ESPN]
Very interesting and inspirational video about mass innovation [YouTube ^]
Jail hotels where you pay to be in prison [Web Urbanist]
For the Love of Light: a Tribute to the Art of Polaroid [FTLOL *]
Live shots of Tiananmen Square may be banned for Olympics [ESPN]
Annual Cambridge, MA Science Festival kicks off April 26, 2008 [Wicked Local]
An interactive Dear John letter to your agency [Dear Agency #]
Ridiculous attempt to capture illegal aliens [Popgive]
Too much taser abuse [Daily Kos]
EU president says don't rule out Olympic boycotts [ESPN]
Human Book: interesting human profile directory [HB]
Cool frisbee trick video [Break ^]
5 tools to track how you spend your time online [Make Use Of #]
Graves get high-tech QR code marker [Born Rich]
Boston NightLife: where Boston goes to find out what's hip in nightlife [BNL ~]
The Google Zurich office will make you jealous [Picasa ^]
8 least impressive Guinness Book world records [Cracked #]
Statistical proof: Somerville, MA is young, old, liberal, green [9 Neighbors]
The ten craziest parking tickets of all time [Times Online #]
Well Done: a food company annual report that has to be cooked first [Dezeen #]
My friends, Boo Boo Kitty taking over the Doo Dah Parade [YouTube +]
My friend's band, Bone Cave Ballet [Myspace %]
Great site for Gmail tips and hacks [Download Squad]

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