Monday, May 12, 2008


[While we don't like to make a point of telling you for whom to vote, we believe it has gotten to the point where Hillary Clinton is dividing the Democrats to damaging effect, while the odds and numbers are so stacked against her that it is nearly impossible for her to win. Until Hillary Clinton does the honorable thing and bows out of this race, we are going to post one negative aspect of her campaign and her ideals each day. If you agree that it is important that the world knows each reason, then please digg it up and pass it along.]


In this point in time, we are at a breaking point for the economy: the job market is terrible; the housing market is worse; there is no funding for the arts, sciences, or education; we have no health care; we are engaged in a bloody war that is costing us billions; your grandchildren will still be paying for that economy stimulus tax return check that you just cashed.

And yet, the person who claims she can ride in on her (racist) white steed, the hardest working steeds in America, and champion the White House, fix the economy, and give everyone all the magic elixirs, wands, and ponies they need to make their dreams come true and their paychecks stretch to pay for the simple things they need... can't even balance her own campaign finances.

As of today, it is officially noted that Hillary Clinton is $20 million dollars in debt. Let me colorize that for you: in less than six months, Clinton has put herself in debt over 600 times the amount of income I made last year. And this is the person trying to convince us she would be the best candidate to balance all of our economical disasters?

And yet, in her last act of desperation, she is not getting out of the race. She realizes that her chances of ever seeing the White House are now or never, so she just keeps on truckin', spinning further in debt in a downward spiral of negativity and mismanaged campaign policies.

The Daily Kos, as usual, said it quite perfectly:

This creates serious problems for Clinton. At a time when her only appeal left is to superdelegates, she's just shown that she's managed to lose the pledged delegate contest AND mismanaged her campaign. If she can't at least balance the books of her campaign while getting beaten by Obama, why would superdelegates view her as the more viable candidate for November?

Furthermore, to use gambling terminology, Clinton has doubled down... which is often a sign that the person has a gambling problem. It usually makes it harder for the gambler to walk away, because then [s/he's] gambling to get back [his/her] losses.

There has also been much talk lately about Barack Obama even helping Clinton get out of her own debt. This would be an applaudable and incredibly unifying move that I actually would not mind supporting at all, seeing as I am really not out for blood from Hillary, I just want her to do the honorable thing for the Democratic party; BUT please be advised that there are campaign rules about this sort of thing. Obama COULD NOT donate more than $2,000 from his campaign funds to support Hillary's debt and get-out-of-jail-free card, so no past or future money from his campaign will EVER go to Hillary. What he CAN do that would show an incredible amount of sportsmanship is ask his donors to give money directly to Hillary's campaign to help her get out of debt, if it means she will bow out of the race gracefully for the good of the Democratic party. I would give money to her debt if she bowed out gracefully and if Barack asked me, because I don't want her to have to suffer any more than the scars of this campaign will already be making her suffer. I presume she will most likely go back to her Senate seat in New York and will need some integrity and grace in getting there, so anything I could do that would help Barack AND Hillary would ultimately be the correct unifying thing to do for the party.

But, nonetheless, just imagine that. Obama could have enough money and support to beat McCain, get to the presidency, AND help his self-proclaimed-"opponent" clear her debt.

As Daily Kos said,

[...T]hink about it; Barack Obama has beaten Hillary Clinton in the only metric that matters—delegates—but in every other major fuzzy metric that some people claim is important: popular vote, number of states won, he generally polls better than [she] against McCain, and [Obama]'s raised more money. He's so much stronger than [she] that he can beat her AND still be in a position to help defray some of the costs of her campaign.

And she's trying to convince the superdelegates that she's the stronger candidate?

Enough said. Even the possibility that Hillary's lack of budgeting skills of her own campaign could and might spill over into other areas of budgeting in the White House is enough that we should not vote for her, on precaution alone. Because I, for one, am sick of seeing my dollars not supporting me - my causes, my life, my interests - and I don't believe Hillary would even begin to know how to change that if her own dollars aren't even supporting her.