Saturday, May 10, 2008


While we don't like to make a point of telling you for whom to vote, we believe it has gotten to the point where Hillary Clinton is dividing the Democrats to damaging effect, while the odds and numbers are so stacked against her that it is nearly impossible for her to win. Until Hillary Clinton does the honorable thing and bows out of this race, we are going to post one negative aspect of her campaign and her ideals each day. If you agree that it is important that the world knows each reason, then please digg it up and pass it along.


In a crucial time of decision, Hillary made the wrong one. Simply put, she followed the Republicans like a blind sheep, and made an impulsive decision based on emotions instead of facts. It was not necessarily popular to say no to the war, and we all know Hillary will say and do whatever it takes to be popular.

And Hillary - in her own pattern of never being able to say she was wrong - even now says she does not regret her decision to vote for the war, and instead casts blame on to someone else - yet another famous Clinton pattern - and asks, "How could [the Bush Administration] have been so poorly prepared for the aftermath of the toppling of Saddam Hussein? I don't understand how they had such an unrealistic view of what was going to happen."

Oh, really? What did you think was going to happen? Did you think a war in the hands of Republican liars run by a bumbling idiot would go smoothly? And don't you feel even remotely responsible or guilty for your vote that went against the antiwar liberals in your Democratic base now, after all is said and done?

Apparently not. Because not only is she not making any apologies for the thousands of people who have died, but she is being a hypocrite about it. Again with the blame game, she said in 2004, "[The Bush Administration] didn't let enough sunlight into their thinking process to really have the kind of debate that needs to take place when a serious decision occurs like that. That's one of the reasons why I think it's important to have a president who asks a lot of questions, who is intellectually curious, who seeks out contrary points of view, who doesn't just surround himself with people who see the world the same way. You have to have a decision-making process that pushes a lot of information up and asks a lot of hard questions. You don't get that sense from this White House."

Ummm...but Hillary... YOU voted for their war. You are guilty of those deaths, too, and you don't just get to blame someone else now because thousands of innocent civilians and soldiers are dying. You don't just get to take it back because the war is not going how you might have planned it. You made the wrong decision, and you voted for it to be placed in someone else's hands, knowing when you voted for it that YOU were not going to have any say in how poorly prepared the aftermath or how legal the processes that would follow. You don't get to take it back by throwing the blame and justifying your wrong decision.

And now that the war is not popular, why should anyone vote for you to get troops out of a war that you voted to start?