Thursday, May 8, 2008


Until Hillary Clinton does the honorable thing and bows out of this race, we are going to post one negative aspect of her campaign and her ideals each day. If you agree that it is important that the world knows each reason, then please digg it up and pass it along.


I am angered and disappointed at the amount of time Hillary's Bosnia speech received as just a blip in Late Night Television, when the Rev. Wright/Obama situation - which he has honestly denounced and explained in a manner full of integrity and respect for the listeners, treating us as adults and not flip-flopping to cover his own ass - gets dragged through the mud to the point of enough already, get on with it! The Wright issue does not say anything about American issues, policies, or Obama's stance on anything; it is ONE egotistical FORMER pastor's fiery opinion that the media is lapping up like a delicious latte. [And to that issue, I say: I know a lot of egotistical people who hate a lot of things about America, too, and this country is founded on the belief that if you don't like something you are allowed to voice that opinion. Just because I know that person, am related to that person, like that person, or even love that person, does not mean that everything he says, all of his ideals, or all of his opinions are mine. Look at yourself and the people you know; I'm sure you know some "interesting" folks, too, some that you might want to hide in the closet when company comes over. So help you if you decide to run for President and that someone's words suddenly become your words, ideals, and opinions in the eyes of the hungry media, even as you stand strong saying they are not.]

Hillary, on the other hand, BLATANTLY lies to the media, Americans, the world, AND KNOWS IT. Repeatedly. But the Bosnia speech, in which she lied about her own heroism and "experience" in foreign policy - giving the speech on multiple occasions, knowing what she was saying was a complete lie that she didn't think anyone would find out - was a slap in the face to Americans, Bosnians, and the world alike, as well as utterly irresponsible and completely unacceptable. And to simply come out without an apology to say she "misspoke" is insult to injury. I'm sorry, but really, Hill, you are smarter than to think that we believe you would "misspeak" on four occasions! Yikes! Someone who could "misspeak" that much just cannot be good for the Presidency. We see right now what eight years of "misspeaking" can do and just how much damage it can cause.

From Eyes on Obama, who said it well enough to repeat it:

It's not just getting caught telling a little white lie on the campaign trail. It goes far beyond that. What Hillary did with her Bosnia tale was beyond forgivable. She told a story about her own heroism - and foreign policy "experience" - that she knew to be false. But she thought she could get away with it. It raises questions about her integrity in other areas that very well may have a large impact on the shape of this nation in the next four years (i.e., NAFTA, immigration, and the war).

But beyond that, Clinton's slip-up was an all-too-vivid reminder of the dishonesty that plagued an otherwise effective White House during the 1990's. It was a White House that - for all its successes with balancing the federal budget, peace in foreign policy, and domestic civil liberties - denied accountability to the bitter end. From "I never smoked marijuana," to "I did, but I never inhaled." From "I never had sexual relations with that woman," to "I did, in fact have an inappropriate relationship with Ms. Lewinsky." It made their utter denial of wrongdoing in the Whitewater deal that much harder to accept. And now, with Hillary's talking about a return to the greatness of those days, one has to consider the deceit that comes with it.

And certainly, with moments like the Bosnia speech, Hillary is giving us every reason to believe that it's a valid concern.

Plus, imagine what would happen if John McCain - like it or not, a real war hero who sacrificed his body and put his life on the line in defense of our country - gets a hold of Clinton and her tall tale. He will make a mockery of the patriotism of the Democratic Party, contrasting someone who has given his all against someone who has merely lied about it.

And to contrast Hillary's false "experience" in foreign policy, Barack Obama is actually out making a foreign peaceful difference right now, and he didn't even have to lie about it: It seems Nigerian oil rebels are considering a ceasefire appeal in the Niger Delta from Barack Obama, saying in an emailed statement that "Obama is someone we respect and hold in high esteem. [citation 1] [citation 2]" How is that for foreign policy? A leader that other countries, governments, even militant groups, can hold in respect and high esteem. Proof that we actually could have some fucking world peace, already... in the hands of the right person, who IS NOT justifying nukes and lying about turmoil in a country that didn't currently have any, thus cheapening the valor of those who have actually faced that turmoil.