Monday, October 20, 2008


The election.

These next few weeks are the clincher. I am totally on edge unlike anything I have ever felt in past elections, and I will remain this way for the next two weeks. This is it. This is the election of my lifetime. But, guys, it's too close to call. Do not count on anything being in the Democrats' favor right now because the GOP will pull every punch they have left, with Rovian tactics, dirty or fraudulent voting, promotion of the fear/terrorist/race card, and all the ammunition they've got. Now is the time to mobilize.

It's been a long campaign, and we are all feeling the exhaustion; it seems as if we have run two campaigns with the primaries already being so exhausting. But we did it then, and we need to do it now: raise our voices, build the movement, keep the momentum, make it matter, and make it loud. Think to yourself: What can I do right now? The answer is more simple than you think:

Just. Get. Moving.

As I am writing this, I just finished watching a video of Colin Powell's endorsement of Obama, and checking the polls at 538. I believe we can do this, but I don't know that we can; ultimately it is about you and me as much as it is about Barack Obama. At this moment, we cannot become complacent. Polls are tightening, campaigns are getting vicious and exhaustive. But the answer is still there:

Just. Keep. Moving.

If you have not started fighting, then now is the time. Start on a small scale:

If you are a writer or a blogger: write about it, blog it, submit links to friends, Digg, Reddit. Vote up stories that make a difference and don't perpetuate the rumors of insignificant or false stories.

Share your opinions with friends and family. Know the issues and politely refute opposing opinions. If you can't combat issues politely and respectfully, then your arguments are ineffective and can even do damage, if too negative or combative. Just know your facts, fight the smears, and share the issues intelligently. Don't get angry, get ready.

Do something locally to help the campaign. If you can't get out, then donate money. If you've already donated, please donate some more. Now is the time that they need it. If you are able to get to a key battleground state, find out where they need you, and GO! NOW!. Make calls, canvass, go door-to-door, attend events, man the tents, rally, or oppose other rallies.

Make a visual presence: Wear buttons; put a bumper sticker or car magnet on your car; get a yard sign, window sign, or decal; wear your Obama shirt. Getting the message out visually will make a statement that others will see.

But most of all... just get talking. Get moving. Speak up. If WE are the change we hope to see in this world, then WE have to take that stand NOW. Yes, we can.