Thursday, February 21, 2008


Want to be featured here? Let us know what you do. We don't list just anybody, only projects we believe in and artists, writers, musicians, and resources that are changing, improving, or making the future of indie art. Check 'em out, yo!

Music: Musicians, Music-Related, & Music Resources:
45 Nation
John Aruda
The Chuck Village Experience
DJ Diem
DJ Fauxfaux
DJ Stick Yo Hand in the Dirt
The Hamster Alliance
Jazz Quintessence
The Midnight Sons
Milquetoast on Myspace
Milquetoast on ReverbNation
Miss Tess

Indie Business: Small Businesses, Cool DIY Projects, Business & Project Resources, Networkers, Arts Supporters/Foundations, Grants, Small Presses:
Black Rock Arts Foundation
Boxwrench Garage
Burners Without Borders
Burning Man
Burning Man Seattle
Critical Massive
Diem Financial
Doublethought Media
Elliott Bay Bookstore
Flight To Mars
The Freecycle Network
Ginger's Pet Rescue
HorrorDoll Productions
Ignition Northwest
Nia Seattle - Meishan Bettendorf
Pike Place Market Ghost Tours
Reality All Starz
Skalitude Nature Resort
Sock Dreams
Take Back My TV

Visual Art: Artists, Fine Art, Painting, Photography, Galleries, & Visual Art Resources:
Jessie Beans Handmade Accessories
Black Box Gallery, Seattle
Dave Bloomfield
Graham Maynard Callan
The Decapitator
Shelly Farnham
Randy James
Laura Joy Lustig
Lighter of the Month Club
Dave Martinez
Seattle Memorial Temple
Leo Spizzirri
Jon Strongbow
Paul Swanlund
Andrew Paul Wible

Film: Video, Film, Production Services, Indie Productions, Actors, & Film Resources:
5 Minute Videopedia
Fairview St.
Passing By
UnSAFE Film Office

Writing: Poets, Writers, Books, Zines, Sites, Blogs, & Writing Resources:
Channel Z
Ed Galing
The Gut
The Gut on Myspace
The Gut on Wikispot
Hive Mind Honey
Betsy Morris
The Poets Encyclopedia
Jole Sack